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welcome to trinity's 2023-24 program year!

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Confirmation at Trinity is a three-year ministry that typically begins in the fall of the 6th grade year and ends with the Rite of Confirmation on the last Sunday of October for 9th grade students. This ministry offers a wide variety of experiences and has built in flexibility to meet a diversity of individual needs and learning styles. Trinity is a welcoming community and desires to work with the needs/situations of each family.

Confirmation ministry is a voluntary program and is available to those who wish to learn more and grow in their faith. The Rite of Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism) is not a sacrament in the Lutheran Tradition. It is a public affirmation of our baptism/faith. We trust that each family takes this commitment seriously and understands the reasons why they are participating. We want our youth to learn how to get involved, to serve, to give, to grow and to go beyond just showing up. We expect that students will participate constructively in small group Huddle time by respectfully engaging in discussion—to think, ask questions, share ideas, employ creativity, pray and have fun! Our large group time is made up of music, games, and a topical talk that centers around the theme of the night.

Text MIDDLE to Trinity 952-473-8577 or click the button below.

middle school friday nite live

Friday Nite LIVE is a two-hour blast of energy and movement for our Middle school students and their friends. These are designed as outreach events for the community we live in. Each one has a themed experience wrapped around it. It is maximum fun, awesome food, crazy games, and plenty of booming music. We hold these events every other month of the year and the cost is $10.00 per person.